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Tour Kona Coffee Farms

Touring Kona Coffee Farms in Kona HI

Come to Kona Hawaii and visit one of many Kona Coffee farms!

While enjoying a cup of amazing Kona coffee is a sublime experience, visiting and touring a working farm brings a whole new level of enjoyment and appreciation to each sip.

During the months of August to January, watch as farmers go through each trees to find and pick red cherry coffee which will be come the drink you will enjoy. The farmers will take the red cherry coffee to a pulp mill, which separates the beans from the cherry. The beans are then dried on "hoshidanas," or drying racks, under the sun. They are raked to ensure the beans are evenly dried. Finally, the beans are taken to the farm's roasting facility where they are prepared for sale around the world.

However, even if you can't make it for the harvest, there's still things to see at a Kona coffee farm. In the winter, farmers prune the tops of about a third of the coffee trees. The pruning takes place to manage the branches that will produce coffee beans. In the spring, you'll see the trees in full bloom. The white petals of the flowering trees are known to the farmers as "Kona snow." The farm's nursery is always a hub of activity year 'round. Trees grown from seeds are grafted onto pest- and disease-resistant roots and planted in new fields or used to replace older trees.

Once you've seen the farm and observed first hand the process involved in creating the most sought-after coffee in the world, relax and enjoy a cup. With your newfound knowledge, each drop will be that much more delicious.