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About the Kona Coffee Council

About the Kona Coffee Council

The Kona Coffee Council is protecting the interests of Kona Coffee growers, farmers, and sellers.

The interests of Kona coffee growers are represented by the Kona Coffee Council. The KCC ensures buyers are buying real, internationally renowned and award winning 100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee with their seal of approval.

The Kona region is home to about 600 independent coffee farms, most of them family owned. In 1997 the total Kona coffee acreage was 2,290 acres and green coffee production just over 2 million pounds.

It the is the perfect environment — in the United Stated and arguably, the world — to grow coffee. The very specific combination of sun, soil, and water is found in the Kona region. Coffee is a fickle crop to grow anywhere in the world, but the crop takes perfectly to the region's sunny mornings, rainy and humid afternoons and mild nights. The rocky topography and temperatures that are free of frost ensure an unmatched combination for the one of the most sought-after coffees by gourmets everywhere.

Harvesting and processing the Kona coffee from cherry on the tree to roasted bean is a labor intensive process. Red coffee cherries at the peak of their maturity are hand picked in the months of late August to January, then pulped, fermented and washed in clean, fresh water. The coffee is then sun dried and raked periodically to ensure the process is done evenly.

The council looks after the interests of these small farmers and coffee processors and its goals include promoting Kona coffee through national advertising and exposes it to rest of the world through national and international trade shows. The KCC is active in protecting the Kona coffee brand through legislation.

To learn more about the Kona Coffee Council, visit their website: