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Blended Kona Coffee

Blended Kona Coffee isn't Kona Coffee at all!

What exactly is blended Kona Coffee?

Despite what you might think, "blended Kona coffee" is not a blend of different coffees from Kona. In fact, it means the opposite — the majority of the beans in blended Kona coffee are not from anywhere near Kona. They are also often coffee beans of substandard quality.

Real Kona coffee beans are a highly prized, rare and premium product. Manufacturers sometimes sell blended Kona coffee which can contain as little as 10 percent Kona coffee. The other 90 percent is usually made up of more common Brazilian and Columbian coffees other than Kona. Raw, or "green" Kona coffee can cost up to six times more than these other coffees. It is impossible to taste and enjoy the balanced flavors that make up 100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee from a cup of "blended Kona coffee."

Kona coffee farmers are understandably very protective of their brand. They've filed lawsuits against companies claiming to sell Kona coffee, but were selling beans from another region instead. However, despite the efforts of these small farms, larger corporations who have an interest in selling blended Kona coffee have halted the efforts for federal protection of the Kona coffee brand.

Organizations such as the Hawaii Coffee Association and the Kona Coffee Council take a keen interest in ensuring that consumers know they are buying beans from Hawaii and Kona. They attend trade shows in other countries to familiarize the world with the unique and flavorful Kona coffee bean.

Avid coffee drinkers looking for pure Kona coffee should be wary and avoid any "blended" coffees.

Accept nothing less than 100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee.