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About the Kuahana Coffee Co.

Kuahana is the Hawaiian God of mans mortality

The Hawaiian god Kuahana is the one Hawaiian god who carries great responsibility, watching over the destiny of man. Ensuring that as we manifest our life in writing, speaking, singing, acting, and teaching, everything is accounted for before taking our souls. This is a huge responsibility and burden on the god Kuahana, and requires a tremendous amount of empathy, and a sympathetic attitude towards mankind. Kuahana carries forward with an overwhelming desire to teach and serve his community and mankind through sacrifice and demonstration. Though love and social action, his ability to judge and act with the utmost care and consideration makes his burden very heavy. This draws tremendously on his focus, causing him distraction, and causes him to become emotionally involved with his subjects.

Why Kuahana Coffee Co?

Like the Hawaiian god Kuahana, the Kuahana Kona Coffee company is focused on judging and determining the highest quality farms, kona coffee beans, and roasters in the industry. We painstakingly act with the utmost care and considering when selecting our beans and farms on the Big Island of Hawaii. We thrive to become the teacher and demonstrate to mankind the optimal product and quality that all should desire. This is the reason Kuahana Kona is Killer Kona Coffee.